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Finalist in Filmmatic Filmmaker Competition

Finalist Laurel

At The End Of The Line was named Competition Finalist in the Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards. This is yet another feather in the cap of this film that seems to keep capturing the attention of fans and critics around the world. When we released it almost two years ago, we never imagined the number of film […]

Fort Lauderdale and Roving Eye Film Festivals This Week

We are proud that At The End Of The Line will be showing at two very important film festivals this week. They are important because of the subject matter. One deals with oppression, and the other with the Jewish Experience. Given the situation with ISIS and the rise of nationalism¬†again in Europe, we feel that […]

The Other Venice Film Festival

We are proud to announce that At The End of the Line will be in The Other Venice Beach ¬†Film Festival on Oct. 10th in Venice Beach, CA somewhere in between 8:30pm and midnight. Go to The Other Venice Film Festival website for details or to buy tickets. Director, Robert Kerr, will be attending the […]

At The End Of The Line

See the award-winning film that is turning heads because of its marriage of images and music to tell a story that you can’t believe you didn’t know!

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