The History


If you’re like most people, you haven’t heard of the Kindertransport. Don’t feel bad. That is why Robert wanted to make this film. He felt that the fact that it saved so many children, yet was so little-known was a great story waiting to be told.

On November 9th and 10th, 1938 the Germans exercised a violent anti-Jewish pogrom called Krystallnacht (also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass). As a result, England eased their immigration restrictions to Jews in Germany and German-held territories. They created a program to issue temporary visas to children 17 and under (including some infants). These children had to be sponsored and cared for by foster families. These children left their parents behind (in many cases to the fate of the concentration camps), and in very few cases ever saw them again.

The first Kindertransport arrived in Harwich, England on December 2nd 1938, and they kept running until May 14th, 1940, the same day the Nazis bombed Rotterdam. Some children had prearranged sponsors. Others had to wait in refugee camps until sponsors were found. In all, it is believed that the Kindertransport saved around 10,000 Jewish children.

When history gets buried, and we forget, it repeats itself. Look at how many more people were killed by Stalin and then Mao because the history was suppressed. Now, we’ve got Islamic State fanatics that are driving Christians from their homes, kidnapping their children and selling them into slavery, crucifying them, and beheading them, all while broadcasting it on the internet! Like early in the Darfur genocide, almost no one is reporting on this! Boko Haram is burning down Christian churches and kidnapping girls in western Africa. There are Nazi groups popping up all over Europe, including the Golden Dawn Party from Greece, which now hold seats in the Greek and European Parliaments. We said “Never forget”, but we are forgetting, and this film couldn’t be timelier.

You can read more about the Kindertransport at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

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