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Finalist in Filmmatic Filmmaker Competition

Finalist Laurel

At The End Of The Line was named Competition Finalist in the Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards. This is yet another feather in the cap of this film that seems to keep capturing the attention of fans and critics around the world. When we released it almost two years ago, we never imagined the number of film […]

Action on Film Festival

Action on Film Laurel

At the End of the Line will be showing in the Action on Film Festival in Monrovia, CA on Saturday September 3rd. The festival is held at the Krikiorian Theaters, 20 minutes from L.A. and Hollywood. It’s not our first trip out to Tinseltown with this film. We are so thankful for each opportunity that […]

At The End Of The Line Wins Best Original Song Award

At The End Of The Line won an award for best original song at the Back in the Box Competition¬†in California! We continue to see critical acclaim grow for this film that we never imagined would do so well. This contest was judged by industry professionals, and will land us a mention on IMDB¬†for our […]

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